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Fall Flooring Trends to Look Forward To!

A new season means new home design trends. This fall, there are plenty of flooring trends to look forward to. Learn more about the top fall flooring trends by reading on.

The first flooring trend is black flooring. Black is a classic and sophisticated color. If you are interested in high-class and luxurious home design, opt for black flooring. Black is also a versatile color, which you can easily match to your furniture and home decor.

Bamboo Hardwoods from

The second fall flooring trend is bamboo. Bamboo is an eco-friendly flooring material that is perfect for the environmentally conscious home-owner. Bamboo is also affordable and pleasing to look at. Bamboo flooring is a twist on traditional hardwood, allowing you to stand out, without taking too big of a home design risk.

Gray is an iconic color when it comes to home design. Recently, gray has been a huge trend in the interior design community. Not only can you find gray furniture and paint for your home, but you can also find gray flooring.

Cork is one of the latest flooring trends. Not only is cork cool to look at, but it’s comfortable to walk on. Cork flooring is more padded than other flooring options, making it a top choice for kitchens and other rooms where home-owners are likely to spend long amounts of time standing.

Exotic hardwoods are a luxurious flooring trend that you can make your own. Opt for vibrant colors and unique wood grains for flooring that matches your personality and your interior design style to a T.

Another luxurious flooring trend for fall is luxury vinyl. Vinyl used to be a considerably cheap flooring option, but the new customizations and creative patterns that vinyl is available in have risen the value of this flooring option.

Shop for the perfect hardwood flooring for your home at We have the top flooring trends for fall available on our website, so check out our selection today If you’d like to speak with us, call 800-689-9006!

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