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All About Engineered Hardwood Floors

Many home and business owners love the idea of having hardwood floors installed in their property. The sleek elegance and classic look of the polished wood brings a sense of relaxed style and rustic charm to any room. But there is a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to engineered hardwood floors regarding their quality and durability, and we wanted to clear up some of those things for folks who are interested in this type of product for their home.

The fact is that in some ways engineered hardwood is superior to traditional options and can save you money and maintenance chores. They are more resistant to moisture, less likely to gap or warp with temperature and seasonal changes, easier to install and replace, and can even be installed in basements and sub-ground floors. They come in a number of options such as Live Sawn Oak, Mesquite, Post Oak, Southern Pecan, and Reclaimed Oak just to name a few.

Unfinished Engineered White Oak Flooring

These flooring accessories are designed to be able to be directly glued to a concrete slab, drastically reducing the cost and hassle of a full installation of traditional hardwood floors, and cause as little disruption to the daily routines and function of your home as possible. They are ready for use much quicker than the alternative options, and since they are supported by the slab of your foundation, they can actually be more durable and stand up better to the test of time.

Much of the negative opinion about these products stems from the cheap materials and sub-standard manufacturing processes of low-quality providers and liquidator outlets. Any type of product, service, or material you purchase follows the same rule; you generally get what you pay for. If price is your only concern and you opt for the least expensive option available, chances are you are getting a low-quality product. Premium products demand a higher price.

So when you are ready to make your floors stand out and shine with the installation of engineered hardwood, give the friendly experts at a call at 800-689-9006 or visit us online to check out our massive inventory and fantastic deals!

Discount Hardwood Flooring | Engineered Prefinished & Unfinished

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