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Consider Bamboo Flooring This Spring

Bamboo is not wood but grass and it grows really fast, harvestable every half-decade. Consider bamboo flooring this spring because of its characteristics over wood floorings. Longer usage capacity, sustainability and not being harmful to the environment are some of the heads up it has over regular wood.

It is also not depletable.

Wellmade Bamboo Floors

Further advantages bamboo flooring has over wood flooring are:

  • It is sturdy and solid.
  • It is available in variants: styles and colors.
  • It is really easy to have bamboo fixed as your flooring.
  • It has better looks than wood flooring.
  • Its renewable nature makes it cheaper than wood flooring.
  • It easily resists wetness than is obtainable with wood flooring which easily welcomes moisture.
  • It can go hand in hand with heating beneath the floor and can be placed just right there (without fixing) under something else.

Bamboo itself can be gotten in different frameworks: strand woven, horizontal, vertical. The strand woven bamboo components, as the name implies, are interlaced together and squeezed together with heat to create a bamboo flooring; one key advantage of this bamboo type is its strength above the strength of any type of wood at all. On another hand, components of horizontal bamboo are always stuck together in a horizontal fashion to form bamboo flooring and unlike the strand woven bamboo variant, the grain of the bamboo shows on the floor’s surface. On the final hand, vertical bamboo type is glued just as much as the horizontal bamboo type but the difference is that this is done vertically and there is less evidence of bamboo grain on the surface.
On a final note, you should bear the colors of bamboo in mind: blonde and yellow tones for natural bamboo; light and dark brown tones for carbonized bamboo (this is a smoked version of bamboo).

Reaching out to today by calling us at 800-689-9006 or email for your vertical bamboo, strand woven bamboo, or horizontal bamboo needs!

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