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Let’s Take a Closer Look at Tigerwood

Tigerwood is one of many choices of exotic woods
available from It is craved by homeowners for its dramatic colors and excellent durability. Let’s look at why tigerwood may be an attractive option for your next flooring project.

Tigerwood is also referred to as Brazilian Koa or Zebrawood. It is characterized by deep browns streaking across tan or orange backgrounds, with the similarity to a tiger’s skin leading to its name. Tigerwood is also easier to remember than its genus and species name in botany which is Astronium fraxinfolium!

Tigerwood Flooring

It is a good option for flooring due to its straight grain and consistent density. It is exported primarily from Brazil but is also found in Uruguay, Bolivia, and Paraguay. Tigerwood is strong and durable with a Janka hardness rating of 2160, which places it well above many other flooring choices including hickory. It is also highly resistant to pests such as wood beetles, making it a valuable choice in climates where insect damage is common.

Regular vacuuming to remove dirt and grit which could cause scratches is important. It is also important to clean up liquid spills promptly to prevent damage. There is not much else needed to keep Tigerwood flooring in good condition. If you have furniture which gets moved around a lot of floor pads on the legs are recommended to prevent damage. Direct sunlight can cause Tigerwood to darken over time, so shades or curtains may be desired in rooms with lots of sun if you don’t desire the darkening effect.

The hardness of Tigerwood can be a challenge to anyone not familiar with installing exotic hardwoods. Carbon-tipped saws are needed to cut or trim these very hard woods. Consider using a professional if you haven’t the tools or experience because mistakes can be costly with higher priced exotics. has a great selection of Tigerwood and other hardwood flooring choices on our website. If you have questions about our flooring call us at 800-689-9006 or email us at

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