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Get bold and exotic Hardwood Floors this Spring!

PA Tiger Wood Flooring | Pennsylvania Hardwood Floors

Just as a tiger is bold and exotic, so is the tigerwood flooring that takes its name. Tigerwood is a South American species, and is named for the big cat due to its bold striping and variations in color that provide a striking effect for any room. It is stylish and sophisticated, and is a great choice for any room where you are looking for a dramatic effect from your floor.

Harrisburg prefinished hardwood flooring
Harvested primarily in Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru, tigerwood has a very high hardness, making it an excellent choice for high wear areas. You don’t have to be concerned about environmental damage to an exotic species, because tigerwood is harvested from responsibly sourced tropical forest inventory.

Tigerwood base colors run from tan to burnt orange, and the stripes can be darker tan to a chocolate tone. has both engineered and solid tigerwood flooring, so you have a wide choice of floor types to suit your needs and budget. Keep in mind that tigerwood will turn darker over time and with exposure to the sun, making the distinction between the stripes and background color less distinct. This can be an advantage where you might be looking for a dark floor with a distinct look, as many darker woods tend to be monochromatic. Using tigerwood will allow you to gain that exotic darker wood in time, and have one of the hardest woods you can buy. Remember to always mix inventory from different boxes when installing any wood floor. This will ensure that you have a random look when you are done. Also make sure joints where boards meet are separated by at least six inches on any adjacent row.

Routine care of tigerwood is easy, with only sweeping or vacuuming required. Some other tips for protecting your new hardwood floor include:

• Keep a rug or floor mat at any outside entrance to catch dirt as people enter
• Keep pet’s nails trimmed to prevent scratches
• Wipe up any spills immediately
• Reduce exposure to direct sunlight if possible
• Don’t use any chemicals to clean the floor if not designed specifically for hardwoods
• Don’t use vinegar or chlorine bleach
• Don’t wear high heels or any shoes with metal shoe taps; it’s best to remove shoes at the door should be your first choice for tigerwood engineered or hardwood flooring, or any of our extensive and diverse flooring products. Check out our website, or call our flooring professionals at (800) 689-9006 if you have any questions about our flooring products or services.

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