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Is a Hardwood Floor Right for Your Bathroom?

When you think of bathroom flooring, you probably think of tile flooring. However, tile is not the only option for your bathroom. Hardwood flooring can be an incredible option for your bathroom, so consider this choice when remodeling or designing your home. To be sure hardwood flooring is the perfect option for your bathroom, make sure to read the following blog post.

Bathroom Hardwood Floor

If you are considering hardwood flooring
for your bathroom, you will want to be sure the flooring you choose has a finish. Unfinished hardwood flooring will collect water and plump, expand, warp or stain. Wood is naturally very absorbent, so unfinished wood flooring will not hold up well in a damp area of your home. However, with the proper finishing agent (such as a polyurethane-based sealer), this flooring option can actually stand up well against water-heavy environments. Certain finishes are designed specifically for damp areas, and even outside areas, so make sure to pick the perfect finish for your bathroom hardwood flooring.

During your hardwood flooring search, you want to select the most ideal type of wood for a bathroom. Softwoods, such as pine and fir, are not a good choice for bathrooms because of their absorbent nature. A harder wood, such as teak, oak, cedar, maple, walnut, or hickory, is much more likely to stand up well in a bathroom.

Finally, seek a hardwood floor that comes with a warranty. If the flooring you purchase is backed with a warranty, that means the retailer is confident the flooring will last in your home. Take the doubt out of hardwood flooring shopping by purchasing from a retailer that offers a warranty or an easy return policy.

Find the perfect flooring for your bathroom at We offer an outstanding selection of hardwood flooring options perfect for the bathroom in your home. See what we have to offer by browsing our website, or give us a call at 1-800-689-9006 for more information!

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