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7 Ways You May Be Ruining Your Wood Floors

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The part of our home that we are most likely to take for granted is the floor. While wood floors provide warmth and beauty to any house, they also require proper care to remain in shape. Some common mistakes can severely curtail the lifespan of hardwood floors and cost you heavy. Make sure you are not making the following mistakes that could ruin your wood floors.

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Not Sweeping the Floor

Regular sweeping is essential for hardwood flooring because it removes dirt, dust, and other abrasive particles that can settle on the floor and cause scratches. Sweeping at least once a day keeps the floor clean, and reduces the chance of scratches and abrasion.

Using the Wrong Vacuum Brush

Vacuuming is a good alternative to sweeping and helps remove dirt and dust from cracks and crevices. But always make sure to use the right attachments, since the wrong brushes can cause abrasion and ruin the floor. Using the hardwood brush is the best option when vacuuming the floors.

Letting Stains Sit

Spills and stains are dangerous for your hardwood floors if left to sit. They can not only become too hard to remove but can also penetrate the wood and damage the flooring. Spills should be removed as soon as they happen to prevent stains.


Water is your hardwood floor’s enemy. The moisture penetrates in and ruins the wood by causing it to swell and separate. Even if you do ever clean your hardwood floors with water, immediately wipe with a dry cloth afterward and make sure no moisture is left behind.

Sharp Objects

Several objects can cause damage to hardwood floors, including high heels, table and chair legs, and dogs’ claws. Avoid wearing high heels inside the house to minimize scratches, use a carpet or floor protector to prevent damage from tables and chairs, and keep the dog’s claws trimmed.

Not Using Dust Mats

Placing dust mats at various points in the house helps keep the floor cleaner. Having an entry mat at the front door is particularly helpful since it keeps dust from getting inside.

Using the Wrong Cleaners

Not every cleaner is safe for wood floors. Before using wax, polishes, or any oil-based cleaner, find out what kind of cleaners are safe to use on wood floors.
Now that you know what mistakes to avoid with hardwood flooring go ahead and buy them with confidence. Our wood floors have the best quality and the most reasonable price. Visit our online store to start shopping today.

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