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Unfinished Solid Tigerwood Flooring

Unfinished Solid Tigerwood Flooring

Exotic wood floors are exquisite in design and quite amazing how it derives from exotic trees given to us in our created nature. Laminates and vinyls are made to mimic these beautiful patterns but there is nothing like having your own fresh unfinished, solid exotic hardwood flooring, such as Tigerwood installed in the space that means the most to you.

Why Choose Unfinished Tigerwood Exotic Floors?

Although it is a great task to take on, a flooring professional can make your dreams come true for your exotic flooring when they install an unfinished solid floor. If you are moving into a new home or work space, this make the installation more simple because your things will not be in the way. If you are going to install unfinished hardwood flooring then we suggest you wrap up your couches and tables and things very well in plastic and move them in the garage or a space that will not be having the install done to avoid sand intruding on your personal items. Your installer will have the perfect plan and will make this a smooth transaction for you. The benefits to choosing to install unfinished solid exotic flooring is because you can choose exactly which finish you prefer, there will be no beveled edges (easy clean up) and less chance for water damage due to the wood planks being seamless. Choosing Tigerwood as the exotic flooring of your choice is not a hard decision to make. It is absolutely the epitome of exotic flooring! The stripes of dark brown on the rose-orange background is true to its name, Tigerwood.

Astronium Fraxinofolium & Solid Exotic Hardwoods

Born and raised in countries like Brazil, lives the Astronium Fraxinofolium tree. Astronium Fraxinofolium is the scientific name for a timber tree found in the Amazon rain forest also known as Goncalo alves.This tree provides building materials for furniture, instruments, decorative items, and flooring. Because of its characteristics, this exotic wood is popularly known as Tigerwood. 

Caring For Tigerwood Exotic Hardwood

Like many exotic flooring, it is important to understand how to maintain your Tigerwood flooring to keep it looking beautiful for years to come. Tigerwood hardwood floors are sensitive to light and will darken with excess sun exposure and sometimes with age. A word of advice for caring for your flooring would be to rearrange your furniture and rugs often, maybe once every other month to give your floor even exposure to light etc... 

It is important to not get hardwood floors in general soaked so using an extremely wet mop is not recommended for Tigerwood exotic flooring. There are numerous floor cleaning products that are suitable for cleaning your wood flooring such as Bona and Swiffer products. Althought Tigerwood exotic hardwood scores an 1850 on the Janka scale, it can be scratched by everyday wear and tear. A recommendation would be to keep your Tigerwood flooring looking as good as new is to use felt pads on the bottom of furniture feet to avoid scratching the floor.

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