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The DIY Flooring Tool List

The do-it-yourself list of flooring installation tools is practical, but one tool that is sometimes overlooked is a wood moisture meter. No successful do-it-yourself flooring project is really complete without the sound measurement and management of the moisture content (MC) of wood.

DIY Flooring Tool List

Different installation methods also may require extra tools such as glue applicators, staple guns or plank jacks. Check with Flooring.org’s customer service to determine the installation method that is recommended for your flooring.
What does a moisture meter have to do with installing wood flooring by yourself? Plenty. In order to ensure that the MC of wood equilibrates, or stabilizes, for the long haul, installers must let newly-arrived wood flooring MC levels balance with the relative humidity (RH) and temperature of its ambient environment, reaching a state called its equilibrium moisture content (EMC). Because ambient conditions can change from the manufacturer’s production facilities to the sales floor to home conditions, it is practically a guaranteed certainty that the flooring needs time to reach this moisture balance. In addition, it’s also a guaranteed risk to install the wood flooring before it has reached its EMC. We recommend a minimum of three weeks for the EMC of your wood flooring to balance and stabilized correctly.

Wicanders Cork Flooring Review

Wicanders is a flooring company located in Portugal, right in the heart of the world’s cork-Cork Tree and Wicanders Cork Flooring Reviewproducing forests. Naturally, Wicanders has a great focus on using cork to produce a beautiful flooring option that is both versatile and environmentally friendly.

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With the rise in awareness of the true environmental cost of products used in and around the home, cork has emerged as very desirable option. Wicanders is on a quest to make cork flooring options as perfect as possible.

Company Overview

The company’s industrial center is in the Santa Maria da Feira district of northwestern Portugal, quite close to the Atlantic coast. It is a region that is well known for its cork production, as Spain and Portugal are the world’s main growers of the tree that produces cork, according to the Sierra Club’s GreenHome website.

The exact climate zone needed by the cork tree is found few other places on earth.

Wicanders has a self-subscribed commitment to the technical performance, design, and comfort of its products; it is what they have built their company and reputation upon. They assert to strive for excellence in their field through utilizing a superior product, meeting client needs, and focusing on distribution channels.

Laminate Flooring Underlayment: Does It Really Matter?

Why Laminate Flooring Underlayment MattersAdding laminate flooring to your property is an affordable way to sharpen its appearance with a classic hardwood floor look. In addition, like any home improvement that’s visually stunning, laminate flooring can add substantial value to your home. Unfortunately, if you don’t take the time to install a protective underlayment, your investment will quickly go south.

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While it may be tempting to skip out on an underlayment as a way to save cash, the reality is that underlayments really matter. Without an underlayment to support and protect your new floors, they could end up being a costly nuisance. By purchasing an underlayment now, however, you could save thousands of dollars in the long run.

Laminate Flooring

Despite its appearance, which closely resembles hardwood floors, laminate is rather different in its makeup. Instead of wood that comes from trees, laminate flooring is comprised of several different layers that are fused together under extremely high pressure. Often, the flooring includes a layer of high density fiber board as well as a protective coating. The top layer is a photographic simulation, which gives it a hardwood floor look.

Balterio Laminate Flooring Review

Reviewer Installing Balerio Laminate FlooringBalterio laminate flooring is some of the best in the business, and the company has made great strides to create a product that can go toe-to-toe with hardwood flooring options. With a large collection and many specialized innovations, Balterio should be one of your first stops when looking for laminate flooring.

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There is almost an endless supply of choices when it comes to laminate flooring. How is a homeowner to choose? With a reputation for a superior product, a focus on beauty, and a commitment to the conservation of commercial forests, Balterio makes such a choice a no-brainer.

Company Information

According to their website, Balterio is company that was formed in 2001 by a flooring producer and a wood paneling company; both leaders in their respective industries. Their production facility is located in Belgium, in the center of the Ardennes forest that supplies the wood for the manufacture of the high-quality laminate flooring.

Balterio has a reputation for leading the laminate flooring industry with new technology, investment, and innovation. The company puts special emphasis on environmental considerations such as recycling, flooring research, and answering the needs and desires of the customer.

Is it hard to keep shiny laminate floors clean?

Laminate floors are the choice of many homeowners because they desire their shiny Keep Shiny Laminate Floors Cleanappearance. The question is how to keep them that way. The answer is fairly simple: with proper care and maintenance.

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As with any type of floor, proper care and maintenance will keep your laminate flooring looking bright and shiny. Many people specifically choose this type of flooring over traditional hardwood flooring because of its durability and ability, not to mention the wide variety of styles that are available, even from a single manufacturer such as Balterio. It can stand up better to constant foot traffic and the abuse that can be dished out from children and pets in the home.

Durability of Laminate Flooring

To understand the durability of laminate flooring, let’s examine how it is made. Each piece of laminate flooring is made of four different layers that are individually produced. These four layers are put through a heat-and-press process that produces what we know as laminate flooring:

  • The bottom layer is moisture resistant and makes the floorboard stable.
  • The core layer is made from fiberboard that has been fortified with resin, which hardens this layer and increases its resistance to water.

Is cork flooring durable?

Colorful and Durable Cork Flooring ChoicesYou may be considering cork flooring, but have concerns about whether it will be durable enough for to stand up to the normal daily routines in your home. When you think of cork, do you think about the easily gouged thin material that is used for a bulletin board? Better yet, maybe you think it is as strong as the cork that easily falls apart if you don’t remove it just the right way from a wine bottle.

Today’s cork flooring is more durable than its predecessors were. Keep in mind, however, that it is not for everyone. It depends on where you intend to install it and your lifestyle.

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You may have walked on cork flooring in such places as museums, hotels, libraries, hospitals, or even schools without even realizing it. This alone may serve as a testament to its durability, being it can be found in many public places. It has sound-dampening qualities so you do not hear the loud click clack of footsteps on it as you would with types of hard floors like tile or stone.

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