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Wicanders Cork Traces

Wicanders Cork Traces

Wicanders Cork Traces is an excellent choice when choosing your cork flooring. Wicanders is a brand that is leading in the cork industry and has recently spent large sums of money at their Portugal plant to introduce to consumers the best technology that cork flooring can offer. 

Choosing A Cork Floor

Choosing your flooring for either a work place or a specific room or rooms in your house is a huge decision. There are so many issues to take into consideration such as price, quality, durability, and design or color. Wicanders cork flooring is a high-quality and innovative product that leads the cork industry. The designs and colors available are overwhelming! There are so many collections to choose from and that is why we love Wicanders cork flooring. Consumers have variety and a great product and can purchase it at the lowest prices when buying from Flooring.org. 

The Wicanders Trace collection is a part of the Series Cork 100 Plank which is basically the cork flooring but in plank style that is 48" in length, 5 1/2" in width and 7/16" thick. This series has a great warranty that is for residential and commercial. The warranty details are on Wicanders website www.wicanders.com. This will give you complete knowledge of the product that you are buying. These Traces planks are micro beveled edges on all four sides giving that real wood plank look. Wicanders Traces cork floors is a terrific choice for your flooring today. 


Caring For Wicanders Traces Cork Flooring

Cork is a very durable product and when there is a admirable brand name behind it, such as Wicanders, it will be easy to clean and low maintenance. Wicanders Series 100 Cork Plank uses a WRT (Wear Resistance Technology) as its finish. On Wicanders website we see that they offer a variety of products that can enhance your cork cleaning experience. They are : Wicanders Spray, Wicanders Power Polish, Wicanders Soft Cleaner and Wicanders Power Strip. These Wicanders products are great to use to give your cork floor extra care.

Wicanders website suggests that the consumer will only need a mild detergent and a 

vacuum cleaner to clean their cork floors. Wicanders suggests that for daily/weekly maintenance, consumers can also use a broom handle 

with a cloth on the end. The removable cloth has a substance with anti-static 

characteristics, which will clean all the dust and prevent its settling on the floor (www.wicanders.com). 

Well there you have it, Wicanders cork flooring is simple to keep clean and maintain. Cork flooring in general is rather durable and resilient but consumers need to keep in mind that heavy traffic areas in the home or work place can and most likely will get the occasional scuff, scratch or dent. Remember that we live on these floors and although consumers want to keep them looking brand new, life does happen.

Tips On Keeping Wicanders Traces Flooring Brand New!

Cork is durable and its cellular make-up has some "give" due to the hundreds and hundreds of tiny air pockets that are in corks structure. Keeping this product looking brand new is hard to do if your cork flooring is in a heavy traffic area but it is not impossible. Here are some tips to keep your Wicanders Traces cork floors looking great!

Pet owners should be aware that cork is very durable but it can be easily scratched or scuffed if a dog or cats nails are sharp and long. Keep your animals nails well trimmed and smoothed. A lot of pet owners use a dremel tool or a nail grinder to smooth the nails down so there are no sharp edges attacking your floor. Also, if you have multiple animals and they tend to play a lot in a certain room where the majority of your cork flooring is, you might want to consider placing a large area rug down in that room. This could bring great design feature and depth to your living space. 

There are certain shoes that could damage your cork flooring such as high heals or shoes with traction on the bottom. A suggestion could be that you limit the high heel wearing on your cork floor to avoid any unwanted dents and/or keep a basket next to your front door to keep your shoes and your guests shoes in so there is less chance of harming your cork flooring.

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