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With a wide variety of flooring options available to homeowners today, deciding on the best material for your home can be tough. Carpet, tile, vinyl, hardwood, stone: the list is seemingly endless. In this saturated market, however, consumers are increasingly turning to laminate. Got a question about this unique flooring material? Fear not. We’ve compiled the answers to many commonly asked questions regarding laminate.

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What is laminate made of?

Laminate simulates the finishes of many other materials and is composed of multiple layers. The top clear protective layer covers a photographic applique layer. The inner core layer consists of melamine resin and fiber board, and sits upon a protective backing.

What rooms can laminate be installed in?

Laminate flooring can be installed just about anywhere there is a structurally sound subfloor that is clean and dry. It is usually best to avoid installing laminate in damp or wet areas such as bathrooms or saunas.

What is the cost of laminate compared to other flooring materials?

Laminate is a low-cost flooring option which resembles the finishes of more expensive materials, and usually costs between $1 and $6 per square foot. The following is a short list of alternative flooring prices.

Carpet: $2-$26 per square foot

Cork and bamboo: $4-$12 per square foot

Tile: $4-$8 per square foot

Hardwood: $3-$20 per square foot

Vinyl: $1-$8 per square foot

Is laminate flooring okay to use if I have pets in the house?

Laminate is highly durable and designed to take keep scratches and scuffs at bay. To minimize unnecessary wear and tear, it is generally recommended to keep your pets nails trimmed and avoid any spills from water bowls.

What types of flooring can laminate be installed on top of?

Laminate flooring can be installed on concrete or wood subfloors. It can also be installed over existing floors made of materials such as vinyl, carpet, tile, or ceramics. Laminate can even be installed over floors containing radiant heating, provided the surface temperature does not exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

How do I clean my laminate floors?

Laminate flooring is designed to be low maintenance and easy to clean. Simply sweep or vacuum loose debris and wipe up spills with a cloth. A damp mop may be used with a cleaner which is specifically designed for laminate. It is best to avoid harsh or abrasive cleaning solutions.

Can I use area rugs on laminate floors?

Generally, area rugs are safe to use on laminate floors. Check to see that the backing of the rug is made of rubber, latex, polypropylene, felt, or another soft material. Rugs with abrasive or scratchy backings should not be used.

Laminate flooring is a smart, cost-effective flooring choice. Quality laminate typically lasts between 20 and 30 years, making it a beautiful and lasting addition to your home. Buy flooring online NOW!

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